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July 31, 2012 / Althir

#34: A Biological Shock

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So there’s that. I’m currently some 400 kilometres from my computer, which is actually turned off. I’m also probably drunk, for what it’s worth.

What I’m getting at is, at the time the comic is published, all that will be the case because I will be on Wacken, which admittedly only starts officially on Thursday but we come as early as Monday anyway.

I have had plans to show the game room since #17, and that was when I made both the world map seen in the comic and the LEGO minifigs they use for miniatures. The characters and the room itself I actually slapped together within a few minutes, but I think I got the characters rather fitting. If not, at least you have the coloured speech bubbles, so you know who’s who.

The sheets of paper across the table are all (blank) D&D 4E character sheets. Even though there is no need for so many, they stand as a placeholder for all the writing stuff because it means I don’t have to make a lot of textures. Never been good at texturing.

Holy crap those chairs are ugly.

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