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July 17, 2012 / Althir

#30: Overly Sensitive

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Working my way toward a better future. A future that’s better because I won’t have to make comics again until after Wacken. You read that right, I decided to work up a big enough backlog that there will be no shortage of comics in the near, very loud future. The scripts for all episodes up to #36 are written as of right now (Monday 9th), with 36 being released the Tuesday after Wacken ends. That just came to me, I wrote and wrote and all of a sudden I had seven episodes worth of text.

Back at #4 I seriously doubted I would ever make it to the double digits. Hah. Thirty. Can you believe it? Had you told me back in April that I would make it that far, I would have believed not a single word and probably told you to attempt autofornication.

The more dialogue I write for the NPCs here, the more often I accidentally slip in an error. The accent is kind of hard to keep up if you can actually believe it.

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