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July 5, 2012 / Althir

#27: Break a Leg

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

The worst bit? That is a real medical procedure. Lucky bastard that is I grew to 6’3″ but there’s people who really DO that. Gah.

The sheer amount of character models in this scene is… well, not actually all that amazing, but it’s enough that I had to calibrate the subsurf for every last frame in order to prevent Blender from crashing. Four million polies is a wee bit much for that old computer of mine.

And no, those aren’t errors. All deliberate. That’s even an acknowledged trope if you can believe that. That one was planned ever since I started writing these guards in a phonetic accent.

Of course, these new guards do not only have longer legs than the lower ranked ones – I scaled up the entire model because, believe you me, only scaling the legs on the Z-axis looks extraordinarily silly. In order to get most of these shots, I had to increase the draw distance yet again – I did that earlier to get the castle into a shot where the camera was just behind the city wall, so a shot from this far away… you get the general idea.

While making this, I’ve been watching Doctor Who. Not for the first time, mind you. And yet I find it funny that they use Doom sound effects in one episode of series 2. Hah.

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