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July 3, 2012 / Althir

#26: Co-Operative

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

The LTE connection crashed last night for a few hours. A thunderstorm apparently broke the ISPs antennae that have my place surrounded. Was back online by early afternoon. On a Saturday! I bet the Telekom would have taken until Tuesday evening. Anyway.

With the new connection, I can upload YouTube videos now. Well, I could before, but the amount of time it would take was just… erh. And the modem was prone to crashes when uploading, no idea why. I recorded how I made this comic, from inception to saving the final JPEG. The entire process took about fifty-one minutes (which is close to being a personal record unless you count those that didn’t have any 3D in them) and can be seen here.

As for the comic, uh, yeah. Mostly just to move the story forward I must admit.

Of course, I have played a few hours of Dawnguard by now. Not very much admittedly, but I expect I will put plenty of hours into it yet, if nothing else to unlock all the achievements. However, unlike I said earlier I did not buy Conan a second time thanks to a region lock that wouldn’t allow me to buy it again. Crap. Instead I bought Prince of Persia, which was also on discount. Haven’t even downloaded it yet, let alone played it.

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