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June 26, 2012 / Althir

#24: Guesswork

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

The next one will be in 3D again, I promise.

I have also tried to make the speechbubbles Mythos-friendly. Moderate success. Before that, I mostly just tried to give the text an approximately square shape to draw a circle around.

As one should be able to predict with ease, Vodafone still have not delivered. It is now Monday the 25th, so they are at least sixteen days behind their first estimate. Hell, I am the slackest slacker to ever roam this realm and even I… ugh. I shouldn’t think about that. Will only piss me off.

Xbox LIVE! currently has some nice stuff on discount. I bought Dark Void: Jetpacks for the Win* and Conan. And I am going to buy Conan once again to get an uncensored version. No, I will not explain how because it probably violates the Terms of Use. I am also going to buy TES V: Dawnguard (the first Skyrim DLC) on launch day because I can.

On the gaming front (as opposed to the “buying games” front), I finished Burnout Paradise. Mostly. Got the Elite licence, found every last smash gate and the last three superjumps. Now I am only 55 Showtime Road Rules (that is, breaking records in breaking stuff) away from utterly finishing the whole game, which is awesome.

Now that the Kotaku thing is quite a while ago, I can report a distinct rise in views from all sorts of countries, and without referrers to boot, meaning that people come here by their own power. Success! Mild success. Good enough for the moment.

*Actually only Dark Void, but it really earned that Subtitle.

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