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June 14, 2012 / Althir

#21: Dungeons and Daptives

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It’s still Friday. Now THAT is the kind of comic making schedule I had in mind when I started. This one was fun to make, too. For one, the extremely limited set makes it relatively easy to find angles, but getting the lighting to look just the way I wanted was the exact kind of tedium I like.

Earlier this (read: last) week I bought the Undead Nightmare Collection for Red Dead Redemption. It was discounted, down to 800 MSP (~$10) and I got about ten hours worth of gameplay out of it. Could somebody tell me why the hell Activision charges so bloody much money for a shorter campaign than this? Then again, Rockstar games are generally rather long: Grand Theft Auto IV actually considers anything under thirty hours a speed run, and I only got out of there with twenty minutes to spare.



  1. Mythos / Jun 14 2012 12:55 am

    Love how the gray dude (I forgot his name already, they aren’t so memorable) pretty much channels my opinion on the whole “Grslashedon” debacle. Also, yet more issues with speechbubbles, but at this point I figure you don’t care to improve your tiny attempt at webcomics.

    • Althir / Jun 14 2012 12:58 am

      Dude. The comics up to and including 23 are done, uploaded and scheduled already. I’m not going back to fix the speech bubbles in those. Stop being a condescending ass.

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