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June 12, 2012 / Althir

#20: Audienz Granted

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This is only the second time Gerod is seen without sword in hand. The script originally asked for him to hit the guard with the flat of the blade, as he did with Bubbles in #19. However, the pose looked really awkward, especially because the guards are considerably taller than the PCs.

Yesterday (meaning “Thursday”) I bought the Humble Indie Bundle, for $8.50 – of course, you can set the price to whatever you want, but paying above average gives you four additional games and I wanted Super Meat Boy. The games all come with Linux clients, which is actually the main reason why I even bothered – it is also the reason why I recently reinstalled Doom 3 despite the best thing about that game being the menu music.

Addendum from Sunday, June 10th: Someone apparently posted a link to GT on Kotaku. My views are currently exploding, figuratively anyway. If you read this and you originally came here from Kotaku, well… success!

I also did a few things to the blog. Removed the archive from the sidebar, added “First/Last Issue” buttons. Added a Facebook button. Frankly, I don’t like Facebook. But hey, why the hell not.

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