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May 29, 2012 / Althir

#16: Watered Down

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There it is. This is what #15 was originally meant to be. Except that I removed two lines from the first panel since they were covered by the previous strip.

“Enthusiastically” may very well be the longest word I ever used in a comic. Not just here in GT, but altogether – I’ve been making comics on a less than regular basis since 2007.

And I only just noticed that the sun is in the wrong position after they leave the village. Crud.

This one was done 21 and a half hours before it’s going live. Not because I didn’t want to do it, but after the many iterations #14 went through I kept looking at the script every few hours for days to see if I couldn’t improve on it. It wasn’t until I rendered the third frame that I realised – it’s not that I wasn’t satisfied with the script, it’s that I was so satisfied with it that proper improvements were hard to come by. After #14 that wasn’t exactly easy to believe. The changes to the script (aside from the two lines mentioned one paragraph ago) are miniscule: I rephrased the last panel once. Well, and Bubbles’ answer in panel six came to me later. I usually have a pretty tight grasp on the English language, so that it took me so long to come up with that relatively simple joke is a proper disappointment.

What’s more… ah, yeah. Bubbles has hair now. It only seemed right to make him a redhead, considering that red hair was considered a clear sign of being a witch back in the day when people were stupid, superstitious and generally insane. The wetness effect on his clothes was quite simple – I made the texture darker and increased the specularity. Two sliders. They dry awfully fast though, which I actually noticed early on when making the images and I prepared my reason for it. It’s perfect: Makes sense in context AND universe and it’s the kind of thing I’d totally do in his case. Ready? Here we go: A Wizard Did It.

That link goes to TV Tropes. Unless you have eight to ten hours to waste, I actually strongly advise not to click it. But hey, you’re reading a pretty obscure webcomic. Let’s face it – you do have the time. It’s something of a minor dream of mine to get this comic it’s own article over there… but who the hell am I kidding. My views are through the cellar floor.

What I did while not contemplating the script goes in two categories: Modeling guns (because I felt like it – I have no intention whatsoever to introduce actual firearms here) and watching The Walking Dead. Can someone please tell me why I didn’t watch that earlier? It’s bloody brilliant!

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