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May 22, 2012 / Althir

#14: Fricken Finally!

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Yay, a new length record. Amazing. That script lived long enough to see several revisions, which kept inflating it’s size. The second big panel is actually where the comic originally began. It’s Saturday now, quarter to one in the AM. So that’s pretty damn early, I’m pleased.

I am also pleased with the comic in general, it’s much better than the last one in my opinion. The discussion betwen Bobialeþ and Gerod is just about big enough to be readable I suppose, but if not, it doesn’t really make a difference. No jokes there and the outcome is pretty obvious as well.

The lines leading up to the muttonstache’s reveal were pretty much thought up by my pal Steve, after whom the killed Blacksmith I named. I offered to name the raped wife after his girlfriend, after which he outright refused to tell me her name. I wonder why.

The Metal part used to be much more extensive in every draft and even the final version from which I worked, but I found that it really hurt the pacing. For the record, Lemmy is the bassist and vocalist for Motörhead, Bruce Dickinson is Iron Maiden’s singer. Also for the record, with that muttonstache Gerod actually looks very much like Lemmy.

On a slightly different note, I managed to finish all tracks in both Trials HD and Trials Evolution, giving me the twentieth and last achievement in Evolution and the eleventh and penultimate one in HD. That’s amazing. You’d understand if you knew how insanely difficult the last tracks are. Look up “Inferno 2” from HD and “Inferno 3” from Evolution on YouTube, you’ll see. Though Inferno 3 was actually considerably easier than Inferno 2.

I also bought Penny Arcade: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness – Episode 1 a few days back. It’s pretty damn nice, and one of the most common mook types is a little juicing robot any PA reader would recognise, but whose name I shall not mention because I try not to use expletives here.

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