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May 17, 2012 / Althir

#13: More To Do

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Sarto has hair now! Previously it was only a simple mesh. When Steve read the draft for this script, he said that the notion of Bubbles drinking was actually terrifying. Hahah. The characters drinking Guinness is absolutely and totally me, by the way. Guinness is one of the few beers I can honestly claim to like.

The Guard’s name and subsequently Gerod’s reaction to that… wait, no. If I have to explain it for you to understand it, it won’t be funny anyway, so I shall not.

My timing is better this time, too: #12 was only released three and a half hours ago. It’s still later than I would have liked, but at least it isn’t Wednesday afternoon. #14 is already written, too.

Something I only noticed while editing is that Bubbles’s line in the second panel seems horribly out of character. That would rather be the sort of sarcasm/cynicism (I have serious trouble telling the two apart at times) one would expect of Gerod. In my defense… no, there is none. I’ll just make something up: He wasn’t really speaking in character to begin with, since (as his pose clearly shows) he wasn’t really taking part in the conversation anyway.

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