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May 15, 2012 / Althir

#12: Criminal Scum!

Click the image to see it in full resolution.

The guard bloke’s goatee is essentially a test run if the hair particles in Blender look acceptable in the current style of the comic. Which I think they do, so when the time comes, the PCs get their own hair I think. I mostly did that to make him as different from Gerod as I can without actually having to work on the model: He uses the exact same body mesh (generic heavy armour), but it’s a darker shade. The helmet is bigger and has a noseguard, his sword is bigger as well. All in all he’s pretty distinguishable I suppose. Of course, it’s kind of weird that the most defined character in the comic right now is a semi-random NPC… oh well. Maybe I can kill him off and Sarto inherits the goatee? Te-heeh.

The length of this comic is not to compensate for the shorter #11 – it’s just that the beat panel only occured to me after I had written the whole thing.

It’s also Sunday afternoon. Crap salad. Why not Sunday morning, something like 3 am? Because of Minecraft. The Xbox version got it’s hooks in me as much as the PC version back in late 2010. The script for #13 is written already though, so I remain optimistic.

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